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  • 2/9/06
    • I've modified Paul Chen's tornado alarm by making it automatic, instead of having to slide it up and down to vary the tone. This is done by using a cosine wave as an input to what previously was from a slider. It sounds funny, but it's intentional :) The file is can be downloaded here ((Right click on the link and choose Save Target As to download. Pd file 1KB))
  • 2/2/06
    • My first file on Pd has been uploaded. (Right click here and choose Save Target As to download. Pd file 1KB). It took a while to get used to. I must admit it is really different from all the programming I've done before. The pd file I made had a multiplier in it and outputs waveforms that looks sort of like the Arby's hat.
      Like this!
  • 1/23/06
    • Rough designs for The Modeler finished and uploaded. Right now, only the points resembling the joints are displayed. Still in the very early stages, and awaiting support from classmates.
  • 1/20/06
    • Basic website layout finished. Uploaded website. Thought of some ideas for the final project
  • 1/19/06
    • Started designing website.


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