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Acrylic on canvas: 2006 Muaz Abdul-Halim



Firefly Journal entry updated. Art review is also up.


Journal entry updated and there's also a Pd file uploaded.


Photo Gallery for The Modeler is now up.


I finally uploded the designs for The Modeler. Go check it out and comment on it.


I found out that using the browser Opera makes all the ads in go away. I'm not sure if it's a glitch or a feature. If anyone can verify this with other browsers, let me know. As far as things go, Internet Explorer shows all the ads.


not this tripod
I have been testing the website on the server, and I think has a gazillion annoying ads that clutter the whole page. I'll try to look for a better host. In the mean time, we'll stick to this one.
Not this tripod


Thanks for visiting my site. I finally got it up and running and will put more stuff up soon. You might notice that some of the links won't work. Please bear with me...


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