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Lightning Bugs

Our art piece depicts an outdoor environment. It consists of a centerpiece (symbolic, will be explained by Paul) and LEDs attached to wires across the setting.


Figure above shows how it would look like. The LEDs would be smaller than pictured. They would be scattered about randomly.


Figure above shows (in a more organized fashion) how the LEDs would be oriented and lit. During startup, the LogoChip would pick a random LED and light it. It would then decide which LED it should light up next. This is done by figuring out which LEDs are adjacent to it. There will be more than one adjacent LED, so it will randomly pick one. When it goes to the next LED, the decision process will start all over. That is, it will light the LED next to it, but not the LED it had lit previously. By lighting and blanking and LED in sucession, it will give an effect of a stray lighting bug flying across the art piece.


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