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Art Review

  • 4/15/06

This review is about an event in conjuction with the American College Dance Festival Conference. There were nine universities taking part in this Gala concert at the Miller Concert Hall. The event was a bit long, spanning to about three hours, which is more than I can handle seeing people dancing around. It was a great experience though.

The opening act was done by our team of dancers, who each wore different costumes. The music was great but the dance was not really outstanding. Not terribly bad, though. The highlight of the show is by Friends University, their dancers performing a piece called The Sunflower. It had Mozart music in the background. I like Mozart and anything classical (although I prefer Beethoven more), so it had set me up in a good atmosphere. The piece was funny and at the same time clever, depicting the interaction between two people. What was most noticeable to me was that the opening act did not contain any music - just dance movement. It was a perfect way to grab the audiences' attention. There were only two dancers and they were in control, making use of the entire stage, using movements and facial expressions.

All to all this was a great experience for me, although I doubt I will ever go to a ballet/dance performance again. I just couldn't submerge myself totally into the atmosphere.


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