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The Modeler

I like drawing and painting, but don't really have the talent to just eyeball dimensions and draw. Figures are especially hard to draw. So the next best thing to having a real human pose for you is to have a wooden figure poser. The Modeler should function exactly like a real wooden poser -- poseable at all key joints. But here's how it's different...

On each joint will be an electronic position sensor that will read out the exact position of the joints.

The Modeler will rest on an adjustable cradle, where the viewing angle can be changed via a rotating "camera". An alternative to this is to have a fixed camera angle, but a rotating support instead.


An internal processor will read the locations of each sensor and display the position of the joints on an electronic "canvas".
Paper can then be placed above the canvas and the bright display will still be visible through the paper.
It is now a game of "connect the dots". The artist will now have a visual guide of where each joints are.

I am targetting The Modeler as a drawing aid for kids, or anyone who wants to learn how to draw the human figure. It is, however, not a substitute for real life humans. Studying human posture is the best way to draw figures.

I am still in the research stage for this project, so I would gladly welcome any comments from already talented artists who would like to share their thoughts.


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