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HW6 - Inverse controller

Gathering Training Data -- Algorithm

From the diagram below, for every θ1 (between red arm and x2-axis), there are several possible θ2s (between black arm and red arm). Only the values within the box are printed out. The C source code can be found here: (hw6.c).

The results are as follows:

The plots are of a "sweeping" motion due to the way it was programmed to gather data.

The neuralworks .nna file can be downloaded here: hw6train.nna.


Testing and Results

Below are results and testing plots for each of three cases.




Download the the nna files for each case: hw6test1.nna , hw6test2.nna and hw6test3.nna.



Training RMS=0.0107

Testing RMSs were large: 1.1322, 1.1355 and 1.1596 respectively for each case.

The settings used in Neuralworks are as follows:

Download the nnd file here: hw6best.nnd